Calm Attack – This Is Our Time

Calm Attack - This Is Our Time

After extended play releases like You Can Save Me Now, It’s A Lie, Wicked Game, many standalone singles, and a compilation of B-sides/ demos named Lost and Gound, Aberdeen-based group Calm Attack returns with another excellent song. This Is Our Time is their second single this year that comes as an appropriate continuation of their previous works. However, it carries many innovations and unquestionably represents a natural progression of the band that never ceases to amaze. Perhaps Calm Attack relies upon the fundamentals of contemporary alternative rock, but their new track carries some of the finest properties of post-rock, indie rock, and emo. Still, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other ingredients along the way.

Calm Attack

It’s nearly mindblowing how all these music genres work together in harmony. Calm Attack thought about everything while assembling this composition, so even though those ingredients repeatedly intervene throughout the song, you’ll still notice that alternative rock dominates the most. I adore how the guitar shapes the nearly cathartic ambiance with all those melodies, harmonies, and riffs, while the bass guitar contributes to the heaviness of the entire song. Of course, nothing would sound so good without profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences, cleverly assembled to fit all the segments. The lead vocalist decorates each verse and chorus with a powerful voice, and his outstanding performance comes like a cherry on top over all those ear-appealing orchestrations. Calm Attack invested many ideas into this composition. Their effort is hearable from scratch to finish. This Is Our Time bursts with tremendous experience and outstanding musicianship, so you undoubtedly need to hear it. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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