Larsen & Alessandro Sciaraffa Announce Golden Leaf LP

Larsen & Alessandro Sciaraffa

Golden Leaf” is the 19th album by Italian experimental band Larsen here exploring free-form sounds and spatial dynamics by real-time composing and creating a sonic and social environment. It also confirms the love and interest the band has for collaborations as ongoing dialogues and portals to new paths.

Golden Leaf” documents a four-hour site-specific performance by Larsen and Alessandro Sciaraffa featuring interactive sound totems designed by Sciaraffa and exclusive food creations by chef Gabriele Gatti. The performance took place at a secret location in Torino (Italy) in 2021 and was meant as an alchemical rite with the audience is an integral part of it. It was recorded and then edited and assembled into two pieces by long-time collaborator, sound engineer, and solo musician Paul Beauchamp.

The album is available now for preorder at THIS LINK

The teaser is part of wider documentation shot by video maker Omar Bovenzi at the performance held at Alessandro Sciaraffa’s workshop in Torino (Italy) the recording of which constituted the raw material the album was built on.

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