Hullore – Arise

Hullore - Arise

After superb singles such as Johnny Appleseed, The Siren, and Seizure, Hullore returns with another exceptional composition that will undoubtedly appeal to all the fans of 90s alternative and indie music. After all, Lee Gardner, the man behind this music project, is a veteran of a Seattle grunge scene, and Arise demonstrates only the finest properties of this genre. Arise questions our ability to protest against the injustices in this world that strike upon us regularly. Perhaps this song carries a theme mostly related to punk rock music, but Hullore cleverly implemented lyrics over perfect grunge background. It’s also good to mention that Lee Gardner’s skillful lyricism tickles you to think about this topic, so he nailed his intentions.


As soon as you press play, you’ll notice Hullore is not joking around with his music. Arise showcases all the qualities of the early nineties grunge, alternative, and indie music, decorated with thoughtful arrangements, accentuations, enhancements, and decorations. The song also possesses an exceptional sound quality that meets the latest trends in music production, so you’ll hear every vocal part, chord progression, riff, bassline, and rhythmic sequence delivered by this creative artist. However, verse, pre-chorus, and chorus sound more progressive, psychedelic, and complex compared to many contemporaries that roam the scene nowadays. Arise is a technically demanding grunge song you unquestionably need to hear to fully comprehend its brilliance. The single is available on all streaming platforms.

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