Plague Mass - Union Of Egoists LP - Noise Appeal Records

Plague Mass – Union Of Egoists LP (Noise Appeal Records)

Plague Mass - Union Of Egoists LP - Noise Appeal Records

Here’s the last one from the superb batch recently sent by Noise Appeal Records. If you paid attention to our reviews section last week, you noticed I wrote about a couple of releases by Plague Mass, an exceptional Austrian crustcore band. After talking about their 7″ EP with Worlds Between Us and Living Among Meat Eaters LP, it’s time for Union Of Egoists LP. It’s the third and final full-length, but after that, the band members formed more good bands like Light Bearer, Børedøm, Krösus, Stafplanet, Devil With A Gun, Gurlfirends, Pilots, Momentum, Carnist, Archivist, etc. It’s also good to mention that Noise Appeal Records collaborated with Crimethinc, Start A Fire Records, Brain Ache Records, Epidemic Records, and Dog Knight Records on this one.

Union Of Egoists pretty much continues where the bend left off with Living Among Meat Eaters. Plague Mass delivered their already established sound, but it seems this one leaned much more towards neo-crust and blackened crust than their other recordings. Of course, you can expect plenty of classic hardcore, metalcore, and post-hardcore moments along the way, but Union Of Egoists bursts with a much darker atmosphere. It’s also more abrasive, melodic, and dynamic material than its preceding releases, so if you’re into early 2000s neo-crust, crustcore, blackened crust recordings, this material should be right up your alley. As usual, Plague Mass gave their best effort while writing, composing, recording, and producing these songs, so each composition bursts with tremendous power, speed, catchy melodies, riffs, and other qualities that define the best crustcore releases.

Although Living Among Meat Eaters is probably my favorite album, I must say Union Of Egoists stands right beside it, mainly because Plague Mass managed to uplift all their qualities on an entirely new level. Union Of Egoists bought my attention because of that thick layer of nearly depressive atmosphere achieved by cleverly assembled melodies and harmonies. This particular ambiance goes perfectly with their detailed lyricism that describes all the problems of society, which are relevant even today, more than ten years since the release of this material. Perhaps these are the same old topics repetitiously covered by many similar bands in the past, but Plague Mass somehow managed to wrap them up in a more unique form than others and it perfectly suits the ambiance, dynamics, and aggression of this album. Union Of Egoists is still available as the part of Plague Mass bundle. Don’t miss this one if you’re into perfectly executed crustcore sound. Head to Noise Appeal Records for more information about ordering.





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