Sunsleeper Released While You Can LP


Indie rock band Sunsleeper have announced their sophomore album “While You Can”, due for release on October 7th via Rude Records. The upcoming album, recorded and produced by Brett Romnes (Oso Oso, Hot Mulligan) and mastered by Will Putney (Counterparts, Knocked Loose), explores the darkness of anxious unfulfillment, substance abuse, and the trials of being a band in the era of constant comparisons and chart data.

“The title of the record is pulled from a lyric on the record; ‘Feel what you can while you can,’” explains vocalist Jeffrey Mudgett. “It’s a reminder to be present and enjoy the vastness of existence while you can. Life is fleeting, and if you’re always looking forward or backward, you’ll miss the now”.

Alongside the announcement, Sunsleeper has shared new single “Stay Home” with a music video premiering now on FLOOD Magazine. On the track, Mudgett explains: “I’ve always struggled with living in the present moment. I often find myself either romanticizing the past or living for what the future could bring. This can be a detriment to those closest to me”.

He continues: “This song chronicles the ebb and flow of being caught up with future minded thinking, and the realization that everything I need is in the present moment. The song was inspired by my wife Megan who just so happens to be the music video director, DP and editor”.

 “Stay Home” follows the release of previous tracks “Blemishes”“Currents” and “In The Clouds”, all of which come from Sunsleeper’s upcoming album. Dripping with a 90’s inspired alt-rock feel, the tracks envelope moments with the mist of nostalgia and the power of dreaming. The tracks have gained notice from Ones To Watch, Hot Topic, Loudwire, Atwood Magazine, and other notable outlets.

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