Verse, Chorus, Inferno

Premiere: Verse, Chorus, Inferno. Share Video For Dreams

Verse, Chorus, Inferno

We’re thrilled to share with you a video premiere of Dreams, a brand new single by Italian pop-punkers Verse, Chorus, Inferno. You can check out the video below. Keep your eyes peeled on their new album, which drops on October 28th via Engineer Records, Eternalis Records, and many other exceptional record labels.

The band is looking for more gigs to fill the dates, any promoters get in touch with them by clicking HERE.

Verse, Chorus, Inferno. (feat. members of Pankina, Staly Fish and INhead) are a punk rock band from Como, Italy who formed back in 2007 and toured all around Europe. Now they are back with a bang and “Fast Times in Den Haag” is the first single to be released from their upcoming album, Flying a DeLorean to 2007, which bursts with new energy and purpose but looks back and celebrates those times. Recorded 100% at home studios and rehearsal rooms, the 11 tracks were then mixed and mastered by Chris Fogal of Black in Bluhm Studio in March 2022. Verse, Chorus, Inferno are Gabriele Cucinella (Vocals, Guitar), Mattia Cimadoro (Vocals, Guitar), William Tessaro (Drums), and Luca Bologna (Bass).

Verse, Chorus, Inferno - Flying A Delorean Tour


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