The John-Pauls – Bon Mots CD (Aagoo Records)

The John-Pauls - Bon Mots CD - Aagoo Records

Here’s some more good post-punk music for your listening pleasure. This release popped on our doorstep recently, so I gave it a thorough listen to it a couple of times. I must admit it has been a while since I heard a post-punk band as unique as this one. These folks stand out from the vast universe based upon the same old Gang Of Four clones and are trying to do something fresh that will not sound like another bland, repetitious, contemporary post-punk band. Of course, you’ll hear some resemblances with the eighties and nineties post-punk music, but that’s the point of this genre after all. Since 2015, The John-Pauls released a couple of recordings, such as the self-titled EP and Forget To Remember To Forget LP. Both releases sound great, but it seems that their latest recording is the best one yet, and it is coming soon on vinyl, CD, and all streaming services via Aagoo Records.

Bon Mots carries ten excellent post-punk tracks suitable for any mood, moment, or occasion. However, The John-Pauls go far beyond classic post-punk aesthetics, and you’ll hear their experimentations with other similar, complementary music genres. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon ingredients such as classic punk rock, art rock, garage rock, alternative, and indie. The John-Pauls handle every genre pretty damn well, and that’s hearable in their compositions. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice a slightly detuned guitar lurking around. It’s a half-step detuned or just for a couple of cents, but it may some annoying to some listeners. I am unsure if they did this purposely, but it sounds unique. After a couple of introductory tracks, they tuned the guitar back to normal. It also remains that way until the end of the record.

You’ll be surprised by the sheer amount of ideas invested into this material. Each composition bursts with exceptional musicianship, ear-appealing melodies, harmonies, themes, chord progressions, riffs, basslines, and beats. I like how The John-Pauls thought about the dynamics of their songs, so you’ll unquestionably stumble upon energetic post-punk numbers and much calmer indie songs. The band also thought about vocal parts. Both female and male vocalists suit perfectly to these songs, and their performances give this material a bit of diversity. Bon Mots is not an entirely post-punk album but undoubtedly relies upon the aesthetics of the genre. Many things lurk around from scratch to finish, so this material provides a pleasant and unique listening experience. Heat to Aagoo Records for more information about ordering.

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