Tooth Paint - Digital Sex EP - It's Eleven Records

Tooth Paint – Digital Sex EP (Its Eleven Records)

Tooth Paint - Digital Sex EP - It's Eleven Records

A cassette release arrived at our headquarters after a very long time. Honestly, I can’t even recall when we covered some tape releases here. Digital Sex is a debut EP by Tooth Paint, a synth-punk project solely operated by Henry Arthur Hamann of L’Appel Du Vide. Those who paid attention to our posts in the past may remember this German post-punk band. Therefore, this material sparked my interest even more, and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it’s not just another regular post-punk release. Quite the contrary, many things lurk around during the entire material, so prepare yourselves for another ear-appealing sonic journey.

Digital Sex contains five energetic compositions that will immediately force you to dance around. Perhaps Tooth Paint almost entirely relies on the eighties and nineties synthwave sound, but there are many other elements incorporated in these songs. Besides synthwave, you’ll notice other complementary sonic ingredients such as post-punk, electro-punk, new wave, post-hardcore, and garage rock. However, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other similar music genres because Tooth Paint unquestionably likes to experiment with his sound. It may seem like simplistic material to some inexperienced ears, but those listeners who’re knee-deep into recording and producing music will immediately notice that Tooth Paint constructs his songs layer upon layer. These five tracks aren’t plain and simplistic as some listeners might think.

Every element has its purpose here, and Tooth Paint positioned it in the particular place for more than a good reason. Each theme, melody, harmony, bassline, beat, and vocal part plays a significant role in this complex sonic equation. Nevertheless, Digital Sex may seem like a detailed material, but it has highly addictive rhythm sequences and hypnotic sonic maneuvers worth listening repeatedly. This tape will keep your listening apparatus occupied for a while for sure. I adore how Tooth Paint implemented a layer of raw, abrasive, fuzzy, distorted ambiance over the top, so if you’re looking for some fresh tracks decorated with a glossy, polished, clean production, Digital Sex maybe isn’t a perfect choice for you. Still, if you’re looking out for some dirty, energetic, addictive synth music enhanced with a punk rock attitude, this tape will be right up your alley. Head over to Its Eleven Records for more information about ordering.





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