Torpedo – Orpheo_Nebula LP (Broken Clover Records)

Torpedo - Orpheo_Nebula LP - Broken Clover Records

It’s been a while since we had some noise rock on our pages, so now is more than adequate time to write something about this release. I recently stumbled upon this band for the first time, but as soon I heard the introductory piece for their new album, their sound solely bought my attention. Torpedo is a Swiss noise rock band from Lausanne, and Orpheo_Nebula is their brand new material. However, it’s not the only release by this exceptional band. Quite the contrary, they released an impressive number of recordings, such as Neuer Berliner, Finally Summer, Cheree Cheree, Sphynx, and ONW. Judging by the fact these recordings were released in just four years, I can only conclude Torpedo are keeping their activities as prolific as possible without a decline in quality.

Orpheo_Nebula contains seven exceptional compositions. Some readers might think this is more like an extended play than the album, but these are longevous compositions, with the interlude being the only exception because it lasts about less than two minutes. I used noise rock as a starting point, but many other elements lurk throughout the album. You may notice how this creative trio included some of the finest properties of experimental rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, post-rock, post-punk, and alternative. Perhaps you’ll also hear some similarities with slightly heavier music genres, such as post-metal, screamo, or sludge, but Torpedo use these additions more as enhancements and decorations. The band thoroughly combined everything into a colossal slab of harmonious noise that perfectly suits your ears no matter which one of these genres you prefer. Some readers might think this is too many genres housed into a singular album, but don’t worry, Torpedo handle all these music genres like pros.

Many things are going around here, and one of the first details you’ll notice is the continuous storytelling by the lead vocalist. However, she’s not only narrating these numbers. Quite the contrary, you’ll hear many segments where she unleashes powerful screams and shouts, but don’t be surprised if you stumble on some harmonious, clean, ear-appealing chants. Each singing technic perfectly suits these compositions. The guitars burst with the entire sonic arsenal, made of pleasant melodies, harmonies, themes, arpeggiated chord progressions, powerful riffs, and other sonic delicacies. There are also warm-sounding basslines lurking right beneath the thick layer of heavily distorted guitars, but you’ll hear every tone delivered. Nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without a comprehensive collection of complex rhythmic sequences, detailed accentuations, drum fills, and other percussive segments. Each instrument burst with outstanding virtuosities, and together they shape the entire sonic direction of Orpheo_Nebula. Check out this album if you’re into progressive, psychedelic, ambient, noise rock music. Orpheo_Nebula is available directly from the band or via Broken Clover Records.

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