Turnstiles - The Turnstiles EP 7" - Blowtorch Records

Turnstiles – The Turnstiles EP 7″ (Blowtorch Records)

Turnstiles - The Turnstiles EP 7" - Blowtorch Records

Here’s another good one from the recent batch sent by Blowtorch Records. I didn’t know what to expect from this piece of plastic, but as soon as the first riffs and beats commenced, I was blown away by the sound delivered by this excellent band. Turnstiles come from Galway, Ireland, and this self-titled 7″ is their only vinyl release. However, it’s not the only recording by these Irish punkrockers. Since 2019, Turnstiles have released an impressive number of singles, such as Moving Forward, Wasting Away, Tantrum, I.D.C, Same Old Stories, Dig It Out, and Bow Down. The band keeps their activities as prolific as possible, and everything they published sounds superb.

This self-titled extended play release carries four compositions that differ in many ways, but together they shape a unique ambiance that defines this piece of plastic from beginning to end. Turnstiles use nearly the same formula on all four tracks, built upon reverby arpeggiated chord progressions, abrasive riffs, vividly hearable basslines, moderate rhythmic sequences, and powerful vocal parts. They rely on decent portions of reverb, echo, and delay, so their music continuously leans towards something renowned post-punk bands would eventually record throughout their careers. However, Turnstiles possess tremendous dynamics and energy, so these songs continuously levitate between eighties post-punk and contemporary punk rock. Some listeners might spot some alternative and indie maneuvers, and you aren’t far from the truth. Turnstiles unquestionably possess some characteristics of alternative and indie bands, but that doesn’t spoil their primary sonic direction.

Turnstiles cleverly assembled every song, so you can’t pick your favorite one. Each composition bursts with so many qualities it’s nearly impossible to detect them all in one listening. I adore how those reverby guitars work together in the mix, while the bass guitar provides a dosage of more than necessary heaviness. The drummer keeps the remainder of the band in line with profoundly dynamic rhythmic structures, various accentuations over hi-hat, drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics. This self-titled record carries loads of dark atmosphere, one of the main characteristics of post-punk sound, so you should unquestionably check it out if you’re knee-deep into this particular music genre. This 7″ is still available for purchase, so head to Blowtorch Records and grab this gem immediately.






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