TV People – Nothing More 12″ EP (Blowtorch Records)

TV People - Nothing More 12" EP - Blowtorch Records

A new batch of records from Blowtorch Records recently arrived at our headquarters, so now it’s more than appropriate time for some reviews. For those new to our pages, Blowtorch Records is a prolific record label focusing on Irish post-punk, indie, alternative, and electronic music. I had a chance to review a couple of their releases, so each bursts with sheer quality. That’s the case with the album I picked for today. I need to admit I awaited this package because of this particular record. If you haven’t heard of TV People, you should immediately put them on your radar because this Irish duo is one of the best things you’ll listen to this year. Nothing More EP is a perfect example of their brilliance, and you’ll love this record if you’re into soothing post-punk songs.

Nothing More carries five excellent post-punk compositions suitable for any mood, moment, or situation. However, TV People aren’t just an ordinary post-punk band at all. Maybe these guys solely rely upon melancholic post-punk ambiance, but their music unquestionably goes in many directions. Therefore, you’ll notice some of the best properties of goth rock, goth pop, alternative, indie, and maybe even some garage rock. Speaking of garage rock, TV People possess a particular dosage of abrasiveness, rawness, and dirtiness in their songs, but these guys moderately apply that fuzzy sound. You’ll notice how the bass guitar bursts with a decent amount of distortion, but this varies depending on the song. On the other side, you have crystal clear, wondrously assembled, arpeggiated chord progressions that serve as a contrast to those aggressive basslines.

These two instruments continuously duel throughout the entire album, but they work together harmoniously in shaping the complex post-punk atmosphere. Of course, nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without the flawlessly performed rhythmic sequences, enhanced by continuous splashing over the cymbals. The drumming performance also defines the direction of their sound, so you’ll notice how these rhythmic acrobatics direct the mellowness or heaviness of the particular tracks. Still, exceptional vocal performance will probably leave the most impression on you. The lead vocalist understands the necessities of these songs and applies confident, catchy, and hypnotic vocal parts in the right places. Nothing More is one of those records you need to hear if you’re into looking out for more than just simplistic post-punk music. This EP bursts with five complex songs that will immediately occupy your attention. Nothing More comes on beautiful red vinyl, packed in a wondrously illustrated record sleeve. Head to Blowtorch Records for more information about ordering.

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