Lee Bains + The Glory Fires – Old-Time Folks CD (Don Giovanni Records)

Lee Bains + The Glory Fires - Old-Time Folks CD - Don Giovanni Records

Here’s another release from a batch sent by Don Giovanni Records. I admit I wasn’t familiar with this band, but their music immediately bought my attention when I put a CD in the player. It’s been a while since I heard someone playing rock’n’roll music like this, and I was blown away by how fresh and unique this material sounds. I would dare to say that bands like these are a sheer rarity nowadays. Old-Time Folks is a recently released full-length album by Lee Bains + The Glory Fires, Alabama based rock’n’roll trio that you should immediately check out if you’re into some ear-appealing rock music. It’s their fifth album, but the band also released an EP and a series of singles.

Old-Time Folks contains thirteen flawlessly performed rock’n’roll compositions that will force you to spin this album over again. Lee Bains + The Glory Fires nurture that specific old-school rock’n’roll sound, decorated with elements of southern rock, garage rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock, punk rock, blues, country, folk, and gospel. They took only the best properties of each abovementioned music genre and applied them to the classic sixties and seventies rock’n’roll base. Each composition bursts with a unique, soothing, cathartic ambiance, but together, these numbers form a compact album without flaws. A significant portion of the cathartic atmosphere is due to the incredible vocal abilities of Lee Bains III, whose ear-appealing, calm, soulful, confident performance carries at least half of this record.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the remainder of the group isn’t important. Quite the contrary, each instrument bursts with many qualities. You’ll solely enjoy thoughtfully arranged chord progressions, powerful riffs, various rock’n’roll licks, warm-sounding basslines, powerful drumming performance, and other sonic delicacies. At some points, you’ll hear some classic instruments like violin or piano, and both perfectly suit these compositions. Lee Bains + The Glory Fires thought about everything while assembling their tracks, and each stands out with sheer quality. You will love their enormously energetic rock’n’roll songs but also enjoy more folk, country, and Americana ballads as well. Old-Time Folks is a comprehensive collection of soulfully performed rock’n’roll numbers you need to hear. I advise you to grab this album on a vinyl record. Head to Don Giovanni Records for more information about ordering.

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