Forgotten Garden – Memoriam

Forgotten Garden - Memories

After tremendous singles such as Jessica, Christmas Time, Bad Guy, and an extended play release named Broken Pieces, Scottish indie duo Forgotten Garden returns with another excellent number, available for listening on all streaming platforms. Memoriam is a song about grieving the loss of loved ones. It’s a profoundly emotive, deep, meaningful composition perfectly presented through wisely assembled melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, flawlessly performed vocal segments, synth ambiances, and moderate beats. Each one of these ingredients shapes up a melancholic ambiance that will melt your heart. Forgotten Garden thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver to satisfy even the pickiest admirers of indie music.

Forgotten Garden
Ines of Forgotten Garden
Forgotten Garden
Danny of Forgotten Garden

Perhaps Memoriam carries only the best properties of the indie rock genre, but Forgotten Garden also included some other ingredients to paint much more complex sonic imagery. Therefore, you’ll stumble upon some crucial elements of psychedelic rock, post-punk, goth pop, indie pop, alternative, and soft rock. Some readers might think Memoriam has too many genres involved, but Forgotten Garden know what they are doing, and they’re doing it pretty well. The duo continuously leans towards eighties post-punk and goth pop aesthetics, but their love for contemporary indie music is vividly hearable from scratch to finish. The arpeggiated chord progressions and outstanding vocal performance are just some of the highlights of this song, and these two qualities are mainly responsible for shaping the psychedelic ambiance. Memoriam carry a very complex atmosphere, which applies to the listening apparatus and enhances the listening experience. You should check out this number if you’re into wisely arranged indie music. Memoriam is available on all streaming platforms.

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