Liz Dexic - Concede

Liz Dexic – Concede

Liz Dexic - Concede

After exceptional compositions such as Face Of The World, Seams, and It’s Over Stimulation, Australian grunge trio Liz Dexic returns with a brand new song. Concede is a second single released this year that serves as an appropriate continuation of their previous works. The band offers wisely assembled segments based upon only the best properties of grunge, stoner, desert, and heavy rock music, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other music genres along the way. Perhaps there’s an ongoing grunge revival, and many contemporaries are exploring the beforementioned genres, but Liz Dexic unquestionably sounds fresh, unique, and way different than the remainder of the scene.

Liz Dexic

Concede carries massive, complex, wisely assembled riffs, equally detailed basslines, and slow, bone-crushing rhythmic maneuvers decorated with many accentuations and drumming acrobatics. The clean, soulful, confident vocal performance comes like a cherry on top over those excellent orchestrations. The entire band unquestionably knows how to deliver that recognizable southern ambiance without sounding repetitious and boring. Perhaps Liz Dexic leans much towards the progressive, complex, innovative, contemporary side of the abovementioned music genres, but you will hear how the nineties music inspired these creative musicians to write, compose, and record such magnificent song. It’s good to mention this is the debut single for their new lead vocalist, Clay Moir, whose vocal skills prove he’s an excellent addition to an already fantastic band. Concede is available for listening on all streaming platforms.






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