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Nocturnal Issues
Photo by Nocturnal Issues

Nocturnal Issues returns with the “Answer“, the latest single that promotes “After The Debauchery“. I spoke with this exceptional artist about the new track, writing and composing process, filmmaking, inspiration, etc. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. How have you been?


Can you please share the story of Nocturnal Issues? When and how did you decide to start your project?

I forgot 😛

You have an impressive amount of releases published since 2020. What’s the secret of being prolific and maintaining the quality after all those recordings?

I try not to worry about the numbers. I feel like it’s easy to get caught up in that delusion of grandeur. I find it better to make a fan in a coffee shop than on the internet. I’m also always studying other artists, A&Rs, Managers, and booking agents while continuing to try to sharpen my pen.

Nocturnal Issues
Photo by Nocturnal Issues
Nocturnal Issues
Photo by Nocturnal Issues

What’s the most rewarding moment of publishing new material?

People telling you their favorite songs or their interpretation of it.

Answer” is your latest piece of work. Can you share the story about this particular single?                    

The lyrics were particularly about wanting to text your ex or call them. Im not really one to try to open old wounds I will admit I had given in over twice. But, not within the last year I feel like I got a lot of those feelings about my ex out on the Debauchery Releases, this also came from a place of wanting a very explosive song to perform too and something I could run out on stage too.

What does this composition mean to you, and how could you compare it with the remainder of your discography?

This composition I feel like shows off my ability to build on a song’s verses, I believe verse 2 is super catchy and very driven I think it’ll sound great live. I’d compare this song to the last EP release I think it sits really well in that set. The live show has to be a very well thought out experience due to the multitude of genres now.

The new song also delivers a fresh and unique visual identity. It unquestionably suits your sonic aesthetics. How have you embraced this visual identity? Can you share the meaning of it with our readers?

I was trying to create something that could be almost looked at as a movie because, I believe I’m creating music that sounds like it should be in a film. I’ve embraced short form videos over long form I feel like this has led to some of my most well received work yet now.

Nocturnal Issues
Photo by Nocturnal Issues
Nocturnal Issues
Photo by Nocturnal Issues

You have a distinctive approach to filmmaking music videos. They resemble short art movies a lot. How have you developed an eye for cinematic photography, and what filmmakers and directors inspired you the most?

I watch a lot of foreign movies; Films like ‘’Days of Being Wild’’ by Wong Kar Wai & ‘’The Red Queen Kills Seven Times” by Emilio Miraglia had profound impacts on my visual ques and choice of aesthetics along with a love for classic films like ”The Heathers” & ” American Beauty” The directors that inspire me the most are ”Bong Joon-ho” ”Dario Argento” ”Gasper Noe” ”Julia Ducournau” ”Adam Sandler” & ”John Carpentar”

Speaking of inspiration, what artists, musicians, bands, and music genres inspire you to write, compose and produce such incredible songs?

”King Krule’ ”Coldplay” ”Radiohead” ”Birds in Row” ”Drake” ”Jack Harlow”  ‘Bob Dylan” ”Joey Badass” ”Isiah Rashad’ ”Grimes” ”Passion Pit” ”Tigers Jaw” ”Phantogram” I feel like thats a pretty good spectrum 

What the future holds for Nocturnal Issues? Are there any plans for live performances, touring, or other similar activities?

I just want to vibrate with a frequency that attracts positivity and finical freedom, there will be an EP in September, October, and either November or December. Then will reset the genres again and start back off at Rock go back to Rap and then Dance. I’ll drop a few singles in between releases as well as music videos. The plan is to stay consistent so the Genre switches are never out of left field. I havent talked about the November/December realease because, Im debating between dropping an acoustic thing and a more ”Cigarettes After Sex” style release. I may combine the two.

Do you have any piece of advice for young artists and musicians starting their careers?

Study marketing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Please check out ”After The Debauchery” on any of your streaming DSPs have a great and wonderful night!







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