Becoming The Archetype - The Children Of The Great Extinction LP - SharpTone Records

Becoming The Archetype – The Children Of The Great Extinction LP (Solid State Records)

Becoming The Archetype - The Children Of The Great Extinction LP - SharpTone Records

Becoming The Archetype will release their highly anticipated sixth album this Friday, August 26th, on Solid State Records. Luckily, I got the advanced copy of the release for review so you could read all those tasty bits about this excellent full-length ahead of the release date. So, what could you expect from The Children Of The Great Extinction? Without any doubt in my mind, many qualities that this highly creative trio showcased in their previous recordings, plus more. Becoming The Archetype has upgraded its sound with many innovations, ideas, and sonic maneuvers but somehow stayed loyal to the roots. Therefore, The Children Of The Great Extinction will serve as an appropriate continuation to the previous records for the old fans and an excellent introductory piece to those listeners planning to become new admirers of the band.

Becoming The Archetype always knew how to blend various music genres to achieve the desired sound. As usual, the band combines all kinds of metal into a colossal slab of harmonious, well-articulated, and progressive noise. Their ability to delve deep into extremes and then easily switch into simplistic segments will blow your mind in so many cases while listening to The Children Of The Great Extinction. There’s no matter if you’re into technical death metal, progressive metal, post-metal, alternative metal, deathcore, sludge, stoner, doom, metalcore, hardcore, or post-hardcore, Becoming The Archetype got you covered with their clever approach to all of these subgenres of extreme underground music. The introductory singles, The Lost Colony, The Remnant & The Calling, are more than solid proofs of my statement.

The band stacked this record with many technically demanding virtuosities, progressive riffs, mindblowing guitar shreds, incredible guitar solos, powerful low-end tones, and profoundly detailed rhythmic sequences. Becoming The Archetype cleverly designed each segment of every composition to fit the entire progressive metal scheme, but they also enhanced and uplifted everything on an entirely new level by implementing an adequate dosage of relentless heaviness and aggression. The band delves even deeper into the progressive waters with each number. Every upcoming song showcases more virtuosities, theatrical ambiances, and a darker atmosphere. Their death metal and deathcore side unveil as you get more into this album, and they’re not afraid to show you all those impressive skills which have always played a part in their previous recordings. However, as I said before, this band offers many sonic delicacies, even if you’re not entirely into metal waters. Therefore, don’t miss this album if you’re looking for some wisely assembled progressive music. Head to Solid State Records for more information about ordering this masterpiece.





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