TruckerBomb – Break My Heart

Truckerbomb - Break My Heart

It’s been nearly two months since TruckerBomb released their latest piece of sonic artistry, but it’s unquestionably one of those songs you don’t want to miss. It is the seventh number in the row from the series of singles launched in 2020 and the second track released this year. Break My Heart is a love song vividly illustrated by the brilliant lyricism of Troy Richardson. The song leads the listener on an emotional rollercoaster built upon the story about keeping the one-sided love alive rather than settling for a lesser one in real life. Of course, nothing would sound so incredibly passionate without excellent alternative rock support, heavily drenched in only the best properties of Americana and country music.

Photo by Pierre Quinton

TruckerBomb are known for their exceptional musicianship, but Break My Heart is probably their best composition so far. It’s nearly mindblowing how this band combines the finest elements of classic rock, rock’n’roll, alternative rock, indie, country, and Americana. From powerful chord progressions and warm-sounding basslines to dynamic drumming, soothing lead vocals, and harmonious background chants, Break My Heart invites you to revisit the remainder of TruckerBomb‘s discography. There’s no slightest doubt in my mind this track would end up on your alternative/country/Americana playlist. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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