The Vibrators - Fall Into The Sky CD - Cleopatra Records

The Vibrators – Fall Into The Sky CD (Cleopatra Records)

The Vibrators - Fall Into The Sky CD - Cleopatra Records

The Vibrators are, without any doubt, one of the longstanding punk rock bands. With over twenty full-length records, many live records, extended plays, singles, compilations, demos, rarities, and other sonic goodies, The Vibrators are also one of the most prolific bands out there. The most significant fact about everything they’ve ever recorded is that sounds so good. That’s also the case with Fall Into The Sky, their latest and the final full-length album, recently released by an equally prolific Cleopatra Records. The label made sure to publish this material on all possible physical formats, from vinyl to compact disc, but the album is also available on all streaming services for those who prefer consuming music digitally.

First of all, there’s no way you’ll not love this album if you’re profoundly into the sound of The Vibrators. These punk rock legends blend everything from pub-rock to punk rock, and they’re doing it pretty damn well. Fall Into The Sky is a comprehensive collection of rock’n’roll songs performed in its purest form. The Vibrators are known for their energetic verses, anthemic choruses, catchy chord progressions, powerful riffs, massive low-end tones, and dynamic rhythmic maneuvers, so you’ll unquestionably stumble on all these qualities at Fall Into The Sky. Songs like The Owl And The Kangaroo, He’s A Psycho, Burning Me Up, Dry Down Under, Devil’s Playground, and Part Of Your World are the perfect examples of how The Vibrators blend only the best properties of punk rock with classic rock’n’roll base. Tracks like Battlefield, Rock My World, Fall Into The Sky, Tomorrow, Love’s Changed, and So Long showcase a slightly mellower side, and some of these compositions could be easily compared with Baby Baby, one of their greatest hits. There are also a couple of numbers, such as Brain Failure and Sat’ Nite, where The Vibrators solely explore the beauty of the old-school rock’n’roll, garage, and pub rock.

Besides their ability to write proper punk rock, garage, pub, and rock’n’roll compositions, The Vibrators always played on their versatility, so there’s no way Fall Into The Sky wouldn’t apply to your listening apparatus if you’re into some of these subgenres of rock music. Perhaps Fall Into The Sky won’t be a perfect choice for those punk rockers who’re looking out for more contemporary pop-punk, melodic punk rock, and skate punk music. On the other hand, for those who are into the classic, straightforward, catchy, energetic 70s punk rock sound, this album will sound like a bar of pure gold. Fall Into The Sky unquestionably highlights a fruitful career of one of the most crucial British punk rock bands ever. The album is available on vinyl, compact disc, and digitally via Cleopatra Records.





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