Spells – Staying In > Going Out LP (Snappy Little Numbers)

Spells - Staying In > Going Out LP - Snappy Little Numbers

Here’s another superb release from a recent batch sent by Snappy Little Numbers, a prolific record label based in Denver, Colorado. The owner of a record label, Chuck Coffey, threw in a couple of records by his punk rock band. I admit this is the first I am listening to the Spells, but I am more than pleasantly surprised by how diverse, fresh, and unique their songs are. Since 2013, Spells have released four full-length records, such as Staying In > Going Out, Loose Change Vol. 1, Sedatives/Stimulants, and Charlie & The Shithead Take It Down A Notch. There’s also an impressive number of singles, double singles, and EP releases, which further prove the prolificacy of this sextet. I picked Staying In > Going Out for today because it’s their debut and all-around an incredible full-length record.

Perhaps Spells solely rely upon punk rock aesthetics, but this band unquestionably incorporates elements from many music genres. These twelve compositions are solid proof of it. Luckily, all these genres complement their energetic approach to punk rock sound, so don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some properties of garage rock, rock’n’roll, and power pop. Because of almost equal amounts of melodic punk rock and garage rock, Staying In > Going Out sounds both polished and abrasive. The band cleverly levitates between poppy verses and much heavier choruses. Their album doesn’t resonate with overly heavy or aggressive tones, but experimentations with heavier sides of rock unquestionably complement their primary sonic direction. To put it this way, Spells know how to assemble perfect punk rock tunes that come as a bit of refreshment on the overly repetitious punk rock scene.

What I adore about this album the most is how the group thought about every composition. No matter if we’re talking about straightforward melodic punk rock, power pop-infused punk songs, or slightly dirtier garage tracks with plenty of energetic rock’n’roll, Spells handle all these genres like pros. This band, without any doubt, has the ability to transform and adapt to any style with such ease. Besides all of that, Spells know where singalongs suit the best. Therefore, each number carries a decent amount of harmonious chants and occasional back vocal interruptions, but everything sounds incredible. They also easily switch between eras, so don’t be surprised if you hear some sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties ambiance here and there. But the most significant fact about Staying In > Going Out is that there are no bad songs here. Each track stands out in its uniqueness. Spells are all about harmonious singalongs, clever melodies, tight riffs, vividly hearable low-end tones, and dynamic drumming. I believe there are still copies available at Snappy Little Numbers, so don’t wait until it’s gone. Head over to their web store and treat yourself.

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