Ollie Twohill - Neverland

Ollie Twohill – Neverland

Ollie Twohill - Neverland

Australian pop-punk artist Ollie Twohill has unleashed a brand new single today. Neverland is the sixth composition in the row from a series of singles launched in 2022 and the second track this year. If you ever needed a perfect pop-punk number fully stacked with thoughtfully arranged chord progressions, catchy melodies, harmonious singalongs, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic maneuvers, Neverland will be more than a perfect choice for you. This track offers so many sonic delicacies that you won’t probably grasp them all in one listening. Luckily, Neverland is one of those songs you will gladly spin over again. Don’t be surprised if this number ends up on your melodic punk rock playlist because its hypnotizing notes will force you to do that.

Ollie Twohill
Photo by Jay Penfold Photography

Ollie Twohill solely relies upon the late 90s and early 00s melodic punk rock, skate punk, and pop-punk sound, but you will also stumble upon some sonic maneuvers that are properties of modern pop-punk and indie music. Ollie cleverly arranged every segment of the song, so it unquestionably provides a pleasant listening experience. The sound quality satisfies all the contemporary trends in music production, so each instrument is vividly hearable in the mix. Still, Neverland solely focuses on Twohill’s outstanding vocal abilities, thoughtfully highlighted in this track. You’ll have to listen to this song to comprehend its brilliance. Neverland is available on all streaming platforms.






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