Motherhood - Winded LP - Forward Music Group

Motherhood – Winded LP (Forward Music Group)

Motherhood - Winded LP - Forward Music Group

It’s been a while since I’ve heard rumors about the new Motherhood album, and the vinyl record finally arrived at our headquarters. For those who aren’t familiar with this New Brunswick trio, I can only say you’re missing a lot. Winded is their third release that comes right after critically acclaimed full-lengths, Baby Teeth and Diamonds & Gold. The band also released Problems EP and many singles like Pick Of The Pugs, Bird Chirp, Ripped Sheet, Shepherd, and Tabletop. Whichever release you pick up, you won’t be disappointed at all. Quite the contrary, it will spark your interest to dive even deeper into their excellent discography.

Perhaps the avant-rock is the easiest way to classify the sound of Motherhood, but their music is unquestionably more complex than that. They surely steer through avant-garde waters, but there’s more than meets the eye. You may notice how art rock, art punk, post-punk, indie rock, and alternative have inspired this creative trio in shaping what would become their signature moves. There’s no doubt that the art rock movement is near and dear to their hearts because Winded has plenty of those sonic maneuvers. You’ll hear it in their chord progressions, basslines, drumming, arrangements, and ambiance. But here comes the fun part. Motherhood doesn’t sound like any other band out there. Their sound is unique, fresh, entertaining, ear-appealing, and it becomes even better as you delve deeper into the material.

The nineties indie, alternative, and garage rock music share the well-deserved second place in shaping the sound of Motherhood. The trio included only the best properties of these genres, but instead of replicating and reinventing what we all heard before for thousand times, they tend to sound as unique as possible. I admit that’s a bit of refreshment considering the number of contemporary bands desperately trying to sound like renowned acts. Motherhood also applied a fine layer of eighties post-punk, mostly hearable in the arrangements, song structures, and ambiance. It perfectly suits their art rock direction and somehow accentuates every composition without spoiling the presence of other elements. At first, you’ll think Winded is another simplistic avant-rock album, but you’ll change your mind after a couple of listenings. As I wrote above, there are more sonic ingredients involved than meets the eye, and Motherhood wisely incorporated all of them.

Winded has many brilliant moments where the entire band steers into nearly psychedelic rock waters. However, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon fast-paced punk rock segments decorated with synthy guitars, heavy basslines, and dynamic rhythmic maneuvers. Things get even more interesting when the band totally slows down and offers a calmy indie ballad enhanced with almost stoner/sludge moments. As you can see, Winded isn’t only about those genres I mentioned before. Quite the contrary, Motherhood are interested in any music genre capable of enhancing their brilliant album. You’ll be even more amazed by this release if you’re a musician because there are plenty of things to learn from this band. The best tip I could give to you is to check out Winded. You won’t be disappointed. Head over to Forward Music Group for more information about ordering.



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