Crying Vessel – Before Life Was Death CD (Cleopatra Records)

Crying Vessel - Before Life Was Death CD - Cleopatra Records

Here’s another excellent release that recently arrived at our headquarters. For those into music genres such as post-punk, goth rock, and cold wave, Crying Vessel aren’t strangers at all. After three outstanding full-length albums like Everything Becomes Nothing, A Beautiful Curse, Pleasures For The Wicked, and plenty of singles and EPs, Crying Vessel return with another marvelous piece of sonic artistry. Still, the last offering by this creative duo brings more innovations than ever. If you ever doubted in what these guys are capable of, Before Life Was Death will unquestionably play a key role in establishing profound love towards this band.

If you’re already familiar with their activities, then you probably know Crying Vessel are not joking around with their music. Each melody, harmony, ambiance, beat, or even segment, arrangement, and accentuation lie there for a particular reason. That’s the case with this set of songs as well. Perhaps Before Life Was Death explores the fundamentals of post-punk, goth rock, cold wave, and new wave music, but there’s more than meets the eye. These guys invested heart, body, and soul into this release but also thought about enhancing their sound more than ever before. Therefore, you’ll notice some explorations into darkwave, industrial, electronic, and ambient waters. Perhaps some of you may think this is too many genres packed into a singular release, but do not worry, Crying Vessel are doing it like pros.

It seems like Before Life Was Death leans much more towards contemporary than the eighties post-punk sound, and the group probably did that purposely. Still, you’ll notice many sonic maneuvers that indicate their love for the music produced in that era. From beats and synths over keys and ambiances, everything points out that Crying Vessel are still deep into those aesthetics. However, ideas, musicianship, and album production showcase a slight move forward, and you’ll have to admit this change suit them well. I know how some post-punk/goth rock purists have a hard time adjusting to changes, but Crying Vessel made a wise decision and upgraded their sound for good. Even those compositions that levitate much more towards contemporary electronic, industrial and ambient music sound excellent, so Before Life Was Death is a much more diverse album that will suit the broader auditorium than their previous recordings. This album comes on vinyl and compact disc, so pick up your weapon of choice and blast it loud. Head over to Cleopatra Records for more information about ordering.

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