Redeemers – Venue Affair

Redeemers - Venue Affair

After releasing a demo version of Peace Of Mind, Redeemers return with another excellent track. Venue Affair is a debut single by this interesting Manchester band that showcases impressive moves right from the start of their career. Perhaps their track bursts with the sheer dominance of indie, but there are unquestionably more genres involved along the way. Therefore, you’ll stumble upon some properties of alternative rock, garage rock, rock’n’roll, and Brit-pop. Some readers might think there are way too many genres involved, but don’t worry, Redeemers combined everything into a colossal slab of harmonious noise. You’ll notice that right after the initial riffs and beats.


Venue Affair possesses a catchy theme performed on guitars. It’s an introductory riff that goes almost all the way down to the end of this song. However, the band thought about everything, so this riff doesn’t sound repetitious and boring. Quite the contrary, it defines and decorates this number to the max. You’ll notice warm-sounding bass guitar lurking around right beneath the beforementioned riff. It fulfills the ambiance with all those massive low-end tones. Of course, the excellent drumming performance offers tremendous dynamics through cleverly assembled beats. The vocal performance comes like a cherry on the top. The singer leads you on this ear-appealing sonic journey from scratch to finish with his confident voice that perfectly suits these orchestrations. You should check out Venue Affair if you’re into catchy indie rock music. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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