Hello Fiasco - Find The Shoreline

Hello Fiasco – Find The Shoreline

Hello Fiasco - Find The Shoreline
Cover Art by Ivan Arenas

Here’s another excellent indie rock release for your listening pleasures. I had a chance to listen to and review many indie releases over the years, but I can’t remember if any of those releases had such an excellent sound quality as this one. Hello Fiasco sounded familiar to me, but I heard their songs for the first time a couple of days ago. Judging by their Spotify page, Find The Shoreline is their debut full-length release that’s officially out on August 4, but you’ll get the impression these guys were playing together for years. I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that they were involved together in some other bands in the past.

As soon as you press play, you’ll notice you are dealing with experienced musicians. Also, you’ll hear they are not joking around with their music at all. Hello Fiasco combine several complementary genres to express their excellent ideas. Perhaps classic pop-rock comes to mind, but this band knows how to blend in with other music genres without spoiling the primary sonic direction. Therefore you’ll unquestionably stumble upon alternative, indie rock, indie pop, classic pop, rock’n’roll, Americana, and folk. It’s nearly mindblowing how Hello Fiasco keep up with all these genres, considering each song nicely fits the remainder of the album. The band unquestionably paid a lot of attention while working on song structures, arrangements, ideas, and even sorting tracks on the album so Find The Shoreline could provide a smooth listening experience.

The entire album carries a soulful, emotive, confident vocal performance that is leading the listener on this ear-appealing journey from scratch to finish. Each song has divine chord progressions, cleverly assembled to satisfy even the pickiest listening apparatuses. The other guitar perfectly matches to these chord progressions with catchy melodies, harmonies, and themes, and you may also notice some solos along the way, but they don’t overwhelm the calmy ambiance. What I love about this album the most is the amount of slide guitar licks involved along the way. It somehow gives a bit more flavor to each composition. You’ll notice vividly hearable low-end tones lurking around. These basslines give more than necessary heaviness to calmy chords but simultaneously support the excellent drumming performance. The drummer offers a comprehensive palette of dynamic rhythmic segments, various accentuations, and drum fills. I like how each beat is not overly complex or simplistic, so drumming performance doesn’t spoil the sound of the remainder of the group. I advise you to check out Find The Shoreline if you’re into indie music. You won’t be disappointed. The album is available on all streaming services.





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