Scott Reynolds

Interview: Scott Reynolds Of ALL / The Pavers / Goodbye Harry

Scott Reynolds

Thousand Island Records will be releasing a vinyl version of Chihuahua In Buffalo by the almighty Scott Reynolds. I caught up the opportunity to chat with Scott about the album, his songwriting/composing process, recording with Bill Stevenson in the legendary The Blasting Room, possible ALL gigs, and other fun stuff. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. How have you been?

I’ve been good! Just plugging along. How ’bout you?

I’m fine, thank you for asking. Thousand Islands Records recently announced the vinyl reissue of Chihuahua In Buffalo? It is your fifth solo album if I remember correctly. How would you explain your sound to someone who encounters your songs for the first time? Also, what makes it distinctive compared to the rest of your discography?

Well, this record is just me and my nylon string guitar. It’s the first time I’ve recorded this way. It’s simple and quiet. I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out. I like playing the loud stuff too, but this record isn’t as angry or complicated.

Can you tell us something more about your writing and composing process? How does it usually work?

I pretty much always write the melody and music at the same time. I just start screwing around with chords, and sorta sing along with nonsense words – hoping something catchy will pop up. Then, after I’ve got a melody, I start figuring out what I wanna say. Lyrics are the hardest part, because I’m stupid picky.

You recorded Chihuahua In Buffalo with Bill Stevenson at The Blasting Room. Do you guys have an established working routine while recording songs, or do you experiment with new methods along the way? 

We kinda record in sections. We do a bunch of takes, and pick the best ones. The process actually travels along nicely. If we don’t get silly or screw around too much, we can get a lot done in pretty short order.

Can you share some memories from recording sessions?

It was so fun to record, because Bill and I make each other laugh a lot. He’s a great hang. Plus he takes me to good restaurants. The whole process is a great memory.

ALL in 2008 – Reynolds, Alvarez, Egerton and Stevenson (Photo by Carl Stormer)

Are there any plans for the remainder of your discography? Can we expect older albums in vinyl format?

That is a very good question. There is vinyl for The Pavers and the Steaming Beast recording out there already, but I’d like to redo that. And I have a record called Stupid World that would be cool to press. So we shall see.

As a longtime ALL fan, I spent decades listening to records that included you as a vocalist. I always enjoyed your singing abilities, but it seems to me that your voice sounds even better nowadays. What’s the secret of maintaining such incredible vocal skills over the years? 

Well, thank you! I appreciate that! Honestly, I think the fact that I practice a lot and don’t beat my voice up, keeps it strong. I understand how my voice works, and what trashes it a lot better these days. I’m just better at singing than I used to be. I used to sing from my throat in the old days. I sing from my diaphragm now. You can do a lot more when you pay attention to your technique. 

You prefer acoustic sets nowadays, but can we expect you with some band in the future?

I do like doing my acoustic a lot. They are fun, and laid back. But I also love the rock stuff for entirely different reasons. There is more of that on the way. The Pavers will be recording in the not too distant future. Plus, I’m working on a full band solo record with Bill on drums and bass, me on guitar and vocals (and other instruments), and several special guests. More details about that in the near future.

Many readers are probably curious about your work with ALL. Are there any plans for some gigs or possibly some new material?

No plans right now, but I wouldn’t rule it out. Time will tell.

Thank you so much for your time. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank YOU! And thank you to everyone who’s ever checked out my songs. I appreciate you more than I can sufficiently express! Stay tuned for more!!

‘Chihuahua in Buffalo’ is Scott Reynolds’ first solo acoustic record. A collection of songs, new and old, recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, produced by Scott and his friend and former ALL-bandmate, Bill StevensonPre-order the vinyl/stream the album here: HERE


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