Rush To Relax

Rush To Relax Release New Single/Video

Rush To Relax
Photo by Neza Bukovec

Me nosiš vo sebe is the latest single of the Macedonian/Slovenia indie project Rush to Relax. It’s the second track from the upcoming album called Misli.

Damjan Manevski (Rush to Relax, Lelee, Morvern) and his closest team of collaborators present their latest lo-fi rock madness. Me Nosiš Vo Sebe comes with an irresistible video clip made by an artistic tandem of Maruša Uhan and Lina Steiner.

Me Nosiš Vo Sebe is pure escapism carried by the contrast of cheerful guitar melodies and fragile lyrics that send small-love confessions to the world. The single showcases Damjan’s recognizably playful guitars, which constantly levitate from one melody to another. The team recorded the video footage in a not-so-typical country idyll, produced in a relaxed environment and with a humorous touch. It serves as a perfect follow-up to the theme of the song.

The single also announces Thoughts, the highly anticipated album that comes out at the end of August. Thoughts will be available in digital form and vinyl by the end of the year. It’s a collaborative release between Look Back and Laugh from Ljubljana, Pop Despresije from Belgrade, and Hidden Bay Records from Toulouse.






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