Ponte Pilas Share Ode To Iggy Pop

Ponte Pilas
Photo by Stefanie Schmid Rincon

Ponte Pilas holds a story unlike many. An indie pop rock outfit that met upon chance back in 2017, the quartet then decided to shack up together in a Berlin apartment, unemployed and only looking to pursue their music and craft as a group. Their witty and charismatic way of portraying their music is something that has always come so natural to them, and since then has brought them success on all fronts.

In 2019, their single ‘Eye for an Eye’ won the ‘Listen to Berlin’ award and their debut EP ‘So It Goes’ last year saw editorial support across Spotify, Apple and Amazon, in what was a stellar 6-track body of work. Their live performances have increased across Germany too, with support slots with renowned acts such as The Wedding Present, King Nun and Legendary Tigerman coming alongside their releases.

Really wanting to instil themselves as a ‘band of the people’, Ponte Pilas have grown more socially and politically conscious over the years, and the Scottish-Ecuadorian four piece have participated in Friday For Future, with their song ‘Tinderbox’ embodying this activist movement. Existential themes and more serious underlying topics have seen bands like Yard Act become a beacon of hope and positivity in their homeland and Ponte Pilas wants to follow suit with their own narrative.

With their most exciting year ahead yet, 2022 has seen new single ‘Vegetable Soup’ unleash a whole new sonic brand L for the Berlin band. Produced and mixed by Gordon Raphael, producer of The Strokes’ first two albums, he eclectically mixes Ponte Pilas’ fun-filled guitar playing, melodies and songwriting together so crisply in what is a highly intoxicating offering.

They now turn to heavier material with new single ‘San Ignacio’, where the outfit show their dynamics and grit in such style and vigour. A song dedicated to one of their biggest heroes in Iggy Pop, portraying his shrine in the artwork, they fill the track with grungy guitar riffs and a remarkably energetic performance. 

Knowing when to strip it back is a real art of Ponte Pilas, as they do this so seamlessly in the middle of the track, before exploding into a whirlwind chorus with the lyrics ‘screaming out his name’ bringing a real presence. Producer Gordon Raphael also contributes a percussive, Giorgio Moroder-esque wall of synth sounds.

‘San Ignacio’ is the fourth instalment from Ponte Pilas’ debut album ‘Old Enough To Know Better’, released August 26th, in what is looking to be a hugely exciting record from this encapsulating indie band that does things just that little bit differently.

Ponte Pilas says on ‘San Ignacio’:“Paying credence to his lasting legacy on the world of popular music, this song casts Iggy in a biblical light. His transformative gospel, unleashed back in the 60s upon an unsuspecting musical public, changed the course of history. A Saint to believers in rock ‘n’ roll, all that remains is to say: “All hail, San Ignacio.”

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