Everything But The Everything - A & B Sides Vol. 1

Everything But The Everything – A & B Sides Vol. 1

Everything But The Everything - A & B Sides Vol. 1

If we learned something in the past, it’s that Israel Chavarin doesn’t mess around with music. At least, that’s the impression that I got from his previous works. His longevous project Everything But The Everything recently released two new compositions embraced by the nice title, A & B Sides Vol. 1. For this particular occasion, Everything But The Everything teamed up with Adam Brookes, who’s known for his solo career and time spent in San Francisco band Dangermaker.

Israel opens up We Want More with the warm-sounding bassline, which immediately gives hints of eighties post-punk, but this composition is more than that. You’ll notice Sisters Of Mercy vibes lurking around, and goth rock unquestionably inspired these two artists to write/compose such a song. However, it still sounds like a classic Everything But The Everything track because of the ideas, musicianship, song structure, arrangements, and production. But wait until an excellent keyboard solo kicks in. You’ll love it!

Everything But The Everything
Photo by Alise Albitre

We Want More is an appropriate opener that prepares you for an even more energetic Open Your Mind. This particular composition offers more psychedelic goth rock melodies, harmonies, and keyboard themes but with more post-punk/punk rock dynamics. The riffs give more heaviness, abrasiveness, and aggression to the composition, which bursts with ultimate power from scratch to finish. Adam’s calmy voice perfectly suits both songs, and Israel composed every segment to fit nicely with the goth rock, post-punk, psych synth atmosphere.

This double single comes with an illustrated cover artwork showcasing the boombox. It gives a retro touch to the excellent material. Like I said before, Everything But The Everything never fails, and A & B Sides Vol. 1 serves as more than solid proof of my statement. I honestly cannot wait for volume two. This double single is available for listening on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it!





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