Juniper Avenue – Bumfuzzle

Juniper Avenue - Bumfuzzle

What happens when you combine the powerful chants, high-pitched chord progressions, warm-sounding basslines, excellent drumming, and accentuations performed on the piano? You get Bumfuzzle by Juniper Avenue. It’s their fourth single since 2019 and the first piece of work this year. The band also released a self-titled full-length album in 2020 that sounds marvelous. But, let’s get back to their recent work.

Bumfuzzle showcases how alternative rock can still sound fresh, unique, and energetic. Still, Juniper Avenue are not only about alternative rock sound. Quite the contrary, this track demonstrates explorations into indie rock, rock’n’roll, and power pop. Some listeners might think this is way too many genres involved in the mix, but don’t worry, Juniper Avenue thought about it. Therefore, they moderately implemented bits and pieces of each genre they profoundly love so Bumfuzzle could shine bright. You’ll notice it almost immediately if you give this song a chance.

Juniper Avenue
Photo by Luke Baker

What I love the most about this track are the high-pitched, almost abrasive chord progressions that give a bit of aggression to the entire song. Maybe this guitar sound will remind you of 60s garage rock bands, and you will not be wrong at all, but that gives this track a unique ambiance. Of course, nothing would sound so powerful without excellent, vividly hearable basslines, which are continuously present in the mix. Actually, it’s nearly mindblowing how that bass guitar articulates throughout the entire song. The excellent drumming performance keeps everything in line with energetic rhythmic maneuvers, accentuations over the cymbals, and drum fills. A cranked-up microphone provides a layer of distortion over lead vocals, and you may hear a touch of rawness in the singer’s voice. Bumfuzzle is a raw alternative rock number you don’t want to miss. The song comes with a radio-edit version, and you can listen to both tracks on preferred streaming services.

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