Touch The Clouds – Tension

Touch The Clouds - Tension

Detroit scene veterans Touch The Clouds return with another excellent track. Tension is a second single that announces their highly anticipated full-length release. This particular composition follows up their previous single with hypnotic chants, divine melodies and harmonies, thoughtfully arranged chord progressions, riffs, and beats. Perhaps Touch The Clouds solely rely upon only the best properties of alternative rock music, but you’ll unquestionably hear how the nineties Midwest emo scene and US indie rock scene inspired this band to assemble such an ear-appealing song. Maybe you’ll find some similarities with contemporary post-hardcore in terms of dynamics, but it’s a gentle touch that undoubtfully enhances the number.

Touch The Clouds

The band paid so much attention while assembling the song structure. You’ll notice how the composition gradually builds up energy through outstanding segments. They shape up the song around calmy verses decorated with arpeggiated chord progressions. Then there’s a slightly more energetic pre-chorus that announces a profoundly dynamic chorus enhanced by the powerful shouts of the lead vocalist. Tension is one of those songs that immediately leaves an impression on you. It contains that calmy, soothing, cathartic ambiance that suddenly turns into wild, relentless, unstoppable clusters of delicate aggression. Still, Touch The Clouds know how to control that aggression through brilliant ideas and excellent musicianship. Tension deals with being stuck in the middle of hustle culture and self-care movement, so besides flawlessly performed music, there’s a meaningful message you should pay attention to while listening to the song. Don’t miss this one! You can listen to it on all streaming platforms.

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