Suzitoy – Pro League

Suzitoy - Pro League

After standalone singles, such as Gangs, Freaky Lick, and Lizzy, English hardcore punk trio Suzitoy return with another powerful composition called Pro League. The band explores gambling, greed, and falling out with a best friend by delivering fierce shouts, excellent riffs, heavily distorted basslines, and energetic rhythmic maneuvers. Their new track resonates with eighties US hardcore vibes mixed up with contemporary UK punk rock music. This mixture perfectly matches, and Pro League has some wild energy rarely heard on the punk rock scene nowadays. Suzitoy nurtures a garage sound, but everything is vividly hearable. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you hear some similarities with garage punk, grunge, and noise rock music.

Photo by @marcus.sprigens

What I love about this track is that heavily distorted bass guitar. You’ll notice how raw and fuzzy these low-end tones are when the first layer of guitars kicks in. However, the second guitar in the mix perfectly complements the bass, and they work in harmony till the end of this number. Nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without flawless drumming performance, which keeps the remainder of the band in line. You’ll be surprised by the number of rhythmic maneuvers stacked in less than three minutes. The vocal parts are calmy during the verses but gradually become more powerful and aggressive as the chorus approaches. This singing technic perfectly suits the sound of the band and gives even more energy to the entire song. Suzitoy unquestionably nailed this track, and you’ll love it if you’re into the mix of UK punk rock and US hardcore punk music. Take a listen. You won’t be disappointed. Pro League is available for listening on all streaming services.

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