Pilod Release Video For The Future Looks Bright


Belgian indie rock group Pilod has recently released a new single/video named The Future Looks Bright. You can check it out below.

The shared love for alternative guitar music drives us to spread our music since 2013. In the infamous words of the legendary Spice Girls, 3 became 4. Pilod (BE) became recently a quartet.

December 2020, the first vaccinations are dispensed. It is a sign of hope that we may be able to get back to some form of normality. Whatever the new “normal” turns out to be. It was just before the series of lock downs that Pilod welcomed a new member, Anton, into the band. Yes, in the infamous words of the legendary Spice Girls, 3 became 4. Admittedly, they have already experimented with one night stands before in order to explore new horizons. Risky business indeed as the holy trinity has always been considered the key to Pilod’s rather specific sound. Yet they all agreed that the specific sound not only remained intact with the new arrival but has somehow taken the band into the realms of a more adventurous, colorful soundscape.

Pilod has a strong “live” reputation after playing almost 100 concerts in 5 different countries, with these adventures as highlights: Trix as support to Paradise (2017), Botanique as support to Lost Horizons (2017), Tour in Germany (2016) and Catalonia (2014), Depot as support to The Me In You (2015), Trix – Showcase festival “We are open” (2015) and Muzikodroom as support to MINTZKOV (2013).

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