Deumus - Oyer And Terminer CS - Grazil Records

Deumus – Oyer And Terminer CS (Grazil Records)

Deumus - Oyer And Terminer CS - Grazil Records

Here’s the last release from a recent batch of records sent by Grazil Records. As you already know by now, Grazil is entirely up to genres like a stoner, sludge, doom, death metal, black metal, thrash metal, grindcore, crust punk, and hardcore punk, so this release isn’t an exception either. At some points, I thought this was a black metal release because the visual identity resonated with me in that manner, but I was wrong. Deumus nurtures old-school doom metal on this debut full-length release, and there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll love this cassette if you’re profoundly into this specific genre.

Perhaps this tape carries only six tracks, but they’re longevous enough to keep you occupied for a while. The shortest composition lasts more than five minutes, so prepare your ears for slow, depressive, abrasive music. Oyer And Terminer possess enough excellent moments to keep you entertained for a while. This album will be right up your alley if you’re into that characteristic fuzzy, dirty, abrasive, raw guitar sound that keeps getting better and better with each new song. The material seems to gradually expand to the point when you’ll need to repeat the tape once again to fully grasp all the ideas that the band invested in this release.

You will unquestionably need to listen to this material repeatedly, mainly because of the segments incorporated in each number. Every number enclosed on this cassette carries a tremendous amount of catchy riffs that define the sonic direction of Oyer And Terminer. Besides excellent guitar performance, there’s a bass guitar that bursts with thoughtfully arranged low-end tones. The basslines mainly contribute to an already massive sound. The drumming performance keeps in traditional doom metal waters. Instead of playing progressive rhythmic sequences, the drummer simplified his performance so other instruments could breathe in the mix. It is a wise move that enhances the listening experience. The vocals sound superb, but there are also some weird shoutouts that might spoil the fun for some listeners. If we put the vocal performance aside, Oyer And Terminer sounds like an album you should check out. The album is available on cassette and compact disc, so head to Grazil Records for more information about ordering.






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