Love Loba – Girlfriend

Love Loba - Girlfriend

Love Loba is an LGBTQ, feminist soft-core punk with a touch of riot grrrl sound involved in their music. However, there are more music genres involved than just plain old punk rock. Besides punk rock and riot grrrl, you can hear some elements of alternative rock, nineties rock, indie rock, and indie-pop. Everything is combined to satisfy even the pickiest listening apparatuses who crave some contemporary, but on the other hand, old-school indie-punk sound. The indie plays one of the significant roles in their sonic performance, and that’s unquestionably hearable in their debut single. It’s a song you need to listen to comprehend its brilliance.

Love Loba
Photo by Alejandro Fernández

Girlfriend resonates as a power pop-infused indie rock number but with a punk rock attitude. It also possesses the ear-appealing ambiance of the nineties alternative rock music, which is especially hearable in their vocal performance. The electric guitar carries perfect amounts of distortion, so you will notice how this instrument doesn’t spoil the listening experience at all. The warm-sounding bass guitar delivers cleverly assembled basslines that perfect pair with the beforementioned riffs. The profoundly dynamic drumming performance offers moderate rhythmic sequences that keep everything in line. Girlfriend is an excellent debut track by this promising trio, and you should check out their music immediately. The single is available on all streaming services.

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