The Great Inferno – Stone, Blood And Whispers / Four Legs In A Good Suit

The Great Inferno - Stone, Blood And Whispers / Four Legs In A Good Suit

After critically acclaimed full-length release, All The While White Collides With Black, Italian band The Great Inferno returns with a double single. It’s been a couple of months since they released their debut, but they’re not stopping there. Quite the contrary, The Great Inferno prove they’re creative and prolific musicians with many ideas up their sleeves.

Stone, Blood, And Whispers open up this short by sweet release. Almost immediately, The Great Inferno offers their version of slacker rock, enhanced with many delicate indie rock maneuvers. However, the band doesn’t stop there. Quite the contrary, you’ll hear some interruptions of indie pop, dream pop, and shoegaze, but the band doesn’t overwhelm their primary direction with these additions. The soothing dual chants, semi-distorted riffs, and moderate rhythmic sequences will guide you on this cathartic slacker rock journey, and you’ll unquestionably love it.

The Great Inferno - Stone, Blood And Whispers / Four Legs In A Good Suit

Four Legs In A Good Suit follows the same rhythmic pattern but with slightly different arrangements. The Great Inferno explores every corner of this genre by incorporating only the best properties, and it seems this song moves more towards alternative and indie-pop than its predecessor. The lead vocals and guitars remain calm even during the choruses, but there are keys that offer a catchy, addictive, hypnotic theme. Maybe this composition remains at the same pace as the previous track, but it unquestionably bursts with a different atmosphere.

All in all, Stone, Blood, And Whispers/Four Legs In A Good Suit serve as a proper continuation of their recent full-length release. The double single is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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