Šumski Started Crowdfunding Campaign To Support Releasing Their Upcoming Full-Length Album


Legendary Croatian indie/alternative/krautrock group Šumski has started a crowdfunding campaign in support of financing their upcoming full-length release. The crowdfunding will cover half of the recording, producing, and publishing of their Kolobari LP. The band prepared some cool stuff for those who donate, such as old and new vinyl records, CDs, merch, etc. The album will be released by Geenger Records and Zvuk Močvare. You can read the official statement below.

Help out Šumski to publish their new masterpiece HERE

Attention, attention – your favorite band Šumski is back in action!

After a successful crowdfunding campaign for our fifth album, Ostrvo ledenog kita (2018), we have decided to relaunch our campaign, inviting you to help us release our new album Kolobari.

The new album brings nine new creations for old and young generations, or nine new Šumski’s hits.

As the name suggests, you can expect songs that will make you grow dark circles under your eyes [kolobari] because you’ll listen to them until late in the night. If you have already visited the Ice Whale Island [Ostrvo ledenog kita], it’s time to put on lovely dark circles under your eyes, because the weary look is back in style. If you must suffer, suffer in the company of Šumski and everything will be easier!

Much like the last album, Šumski builds its distinctive sound on a whirlwind of genres including kraut rock, psychedelia, noise, sprained pop, cartoons and hypnotic monotony, with lyrics that reflect the harsh reality that tramples, grinds, cuts and threatens.

We are launching this crowdfunding campaign because we are missing part of the funds needed for the release of the album, i.e. for the quite high costs of recording and printing CDs and vinyl.

By participating in this crowdfunding campaign you will be able to help us out by buying many super cool Šumski’s treasures such as new and old albums, great t-shirts and cool bags with illustrations by the legendary Mance, and more.

Help Šumski make Kolobari see the light of day!

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