Morbid Abomination – Perceptional Decay CD (Grazil Records)

Morbid Abomination - Perceptional Decay CD - Grazil Records

This release recently arrived alongside some other goodies from Grazil Records. Although I am not into death metal that much, I cannot deny the fact there are some death metal bands that I enjoy from time to time. I have to admit this release is one of those that’s right up my alley, considering how much Swedish school of death metal is involved in the mix. Morbid Abomination is a relatively new band, but these musicians have decades of experience playing this or similar music genres. Perhaps Perceptional Decay is their debut release, but it’s a damn good one, so you better check it out immediately if you’re into this particular genre.

Perceptional Decay carries ten excellent death metal songs, which will satisfy even those picky purists who complain about almost every newer metal band. Morbid Abomination keep their tunes sludgy, doomy, and heavy, with half-step rhythmic sequences included during the entire album. Still, there are many moments when the band brings some faster beats or even blastbeats. Therefore, Perceptional Decay carries everything you dearly love about death metal, but you will also love this material if you’re into technical grind music. Still, that’s not all because Morbid Abomination covered all these heavy, dirty, abrasive riffs with so many excellent melodies, harmonies, scales, virtuosities, and other technicalities.

Although the majority of the presented compositions reach almost four minutes, I find these tunes listenable and entertaining from scratch to finish. It is due to the many segments included within each one of these songs. You will wonder if a particular song has ended or if the band just added some breaks to separate one song sequence from another. Of course, the band included plenty of intervals, but they’re all wisely incorporated to highlight particular moments. The band invested so much effort in these songs, and honestly, I cannot find any weak moments on this album. It’s a proper demonstration of how old-school Swedish melodic death metal can still sound entertaining interpreted by this excellent Austrian band. Perceptional Decay comes on a CD, enhanced by an eye-peeling illustration of Dr. Winter. Head over to Grazil Records for more information about ordering.

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