Daytime Lingerie Release Video For Barcrush

Daytime Lingerie

From the ashes of academia emerged Daytime Lingerie, a high energy rock outfit with charisma to match. Daytime Lingerie traded their textbooks for electric riffs in the hopes that they could feel something real and make you feel something too!

Their first ever release; Barcrush went from acoustic guitar to fully fleshed out banger, but the sentiment never changed, this song begs you to have the courage to choose love over the mundane. To disappear into the beautiful ether. “The TV says youre lost, but what did you lose”. Just because you’re missing, doesn’t mean you’re missing out.

Join Daytime Lingerie and ride into the sunset on a double chorus backed by loud guitars and driving drums. A call to arms for dreamers, and a reminder that life is today, not tomorrow. 

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