Steve Caballero, Erik Ohlsson, Lisa Arnberger, Thomas Gaspelmair And Stefan Beham To Showcase Their Artworks At SBÄM Exhibit

  • Steve Caballero
  • Thomas Gasperlmair
  • Stefan Beham

In ten weeks the SBÄM Fest 4 will take place at the Tabakfabrik in Linz and it is therefore time to introduce our great side actions with which we offer our visitors that certain something extra. The first one is SBÄM Exhibit!
From Salvador Dali to Andi Warhol, artists have influenced and shaped punk in its origins. SBÄM also started with Stefan Beham’s graphics for tour posters, record covers and merchandise of bands. As part of SBÄM Exhibit, he explores his roots and brings national and international artists from the punk universe to SBÄM Fest for an art exhibition.
It’s all about art forms that have shaped punk rock beyond music, and SBÄM Exhibit offers the festival audiences the opportunity to experience art in their own punk scene right on the spot – from street art to visual art, from musicians who are active in various art forms besides music, and artists who have shaped punk rock in some way with their artistic work.
You can look forward to the following artists and their works:
Steve Caballero
Erik Ohlsson (Millencolin)
Missfelidae (Lisa Arnberger)
A Place For Tom (Thomas Gasperlmair)
SBÄM (Stefan Beham) 

You can find detailed info about their art here on our fest homepage!

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