Awkward Reunion Have Released New Album Today

Awkward Union - Idiot

Sprung from Germany’s Punk Rock capital Berlin, Awkward Reunion reminds you of the early days, the bruises and the broken voices after you’ve downed a few too many with your friends at the show. Known for their strong harmonies and perfectly raw guitar melodies, the band’s members carry the torch from their previous endeavours in The Uprising, Berlin Blackouts, Versus You and many others. After releasing a tape on the DIY label Tape or Die in 2018, the four joined Mercy Union on tour through Germany and supported many other bands such as Not Scientists, Pears and Off With Their Heads.  

On May 20, 2022, the band is set to finally release their long awaited debut album Idiot on SBÄM Records. Recorded in their own studio in Berlin and mixed by Pete Steinkopf (The Bouncing Souls), the band has created the summer punk rock soundtrack of the year to raise your fist and scream along too. In cooperation with SBÄM Records and Felix from Flix Agency, Awkward Reunion is ready to take to the stages again in 2022.

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