Bowfinger – C’mon

Bowfinger - C'mon

After releasing the critically acclaimed EP release Ten Pence On The Returns in 2012 and a nearly decade-long break, British indie/pop-punk band Bowfinger returns with a highly anticipated single. Empowered with a production that satisfies all the contemporary trends in music production, brilliant ideas, and excellent musicianship, Bowfinger are ready to indulge listening apparatuses of those who dearly love pop-punk, power pop, indie rock, and other similar music genres. C’mon bursts with tremendous energy, melodies, harmonies, clever low-end tones, dynamic rhythmic maneuvers, and ear-appealing chants from scratch to finish. It’s one of those songs that immediately gets into your ears are refuses to go.


The song resonates with all the properties usually hearable in genres such as punk rock, pop-punk, new wave, power pop, indie rock, and alternative. The band still incorporates the same sonic maneuvers as on their preceding recordings, but this time, everything sounds much better due to excellent production. You’ll hear every note and beat delivered by this outstanding group, and you’ll probably crave for more. C’mon comes as a more than needed treat for your ears, and there’s not even the slightest doubt in my mind this single will end up on many playlists. You can listen to the song on all streaming platforms.

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