Bleeding Sun - Suffocated

Bleeding Sun – Suffocated

Bleeding Sun - Suffocated

Kansas-based melodic metal trio Bleeding Sun has released a debut single today. Perhaps Suffocated is their first piece of work, but Bleeding Sun immediately proves they’re not joking around. By listening to the initial notes and beats of this raging melodic metal anthem, you’ll immediately notice that you’re dealing with experienced musicians who’re more than capable of writing, composing, recording, and producing outstanding pieces of sonic artistry. Suffocated is more than a solid proof of my statement, mainly because this track bursts with sheer energy from beginning to end. The band immediately throws punches by delivering delicately assembled melodies, harmonies, heavy riffs, cleverly arranged basslines, and dynamic rhythmic acrobatics. That’s more than a good indication Bleeding Sun arrived, and they’re here to stay.

Bleeding Sun

Still, this is not just another regular melodic metal trio. Perhaps Bleeding Sun love melodic metal with all their heart and soul, but there are even more complementary subgenres of metal involved. Therefore, you’ll notice other subgenres like modern rock, hard rock, alternative rock, alternative metal, and even nu-metal. However, Bleeding Sun handle all of these ingredients pretty damn well, and these skilled musicians are not overwhelming their primary music direction. Suffocates is highly recommended to those who love the dynamic, modern, melodic metal sound. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.






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