Booze & Glory - Raising The Roof 12" EP - Pirates Press Records

Booze & Glory – Raising The Roof 12″ EP (Pirates Press Records)

Booze & Glory - Raising The Roof 12" EP - Pirates Press Records

As I said before, Pirates Press Records are unstoppable this year. There are many outstanding records released this year that it’s nearly impossible to pick the favorite one. You probably know all of them by now. After all, Pirates Press releases are everywhere, and there’s more than a good reason why that’s the case. One of them unquestionably is a brand new EP by Booze & Glory, a British/Polish band that doesn’t need any introduction if you’re profoundly into streetpunk music. The band is back with four new compositions after releasing the critically acclaimed The Reggae Sessions Vol. 2. last year, but this time they’re bringing back their recognizable sound, which we all dearly love.

Raising The Roof comes with beautiful artwork of skeleton punk rockers having a blast at the punk rock show. The illustration is printed on high quality, glossy, hefty gatefold that will protect your oxblood vinyl for a very long time. I admire when both the record label and the band pay so much attention to the details, and you can immediately tell by the packaging who’s listening to the vinyl record and who’s not. Judging by the Raising The Roof EP, these guys are the part of vinyl collecting culture for years. Of course, you’ll notice lyrics for all the songs and all other necessary info about the band when you open up this gatefold cover. The inlay carries almost the same amount of illustrations as the front cover artwork. This release showcases what heaven for vinyl nerds looks like, and you’ll enjoy this EP visually as much as sonically.

Soundwise, Booze & Glory showcase why they’re one of the best contemporary street punk bands. The band included everything you love about them in these four energetic punk rock songs. Anthemic singalongs, catchy melodies, addictive harmonies, powerful riffs and chord progressions, equally good basslines, and dynamic rhythmic sequences are, as usual, included to satisfy even the pickiest fans of the band. Seriously, there’s no way you will not enjoy these tracks. Raising The Roof represents a lecture in modern streetpunk separated into four awesome tunes. There’s no slightest doubt in my mind that you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite song, mainly because they’re all excellent. Besides modern streetpunk, Booze & Glory have incorporated generous servings of melodic punk rock and rock’n’roll without losing all the power derived from streetpunk sound. Raising The Roof is a flawlessly executed recording you unquestionably need in your vinyl collection. Head over to Pirates Press Records for more information about ordering.





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