Canadian Post-Grunge Band Tarbox Have Covered Dear Prudence By The Beatles


Canadian post-grunge trio Tarbox have covered Dear Prudence by The Beatles. You can check out the video below.

Tarbox said about the single/video: The idea of covering “Dear Prudence” by The Beatles initially came from watching The Beatles: Get Back, their latest documentary series. It got us to really admire the band, the songs and the way they wrote music. Our bass player Simon, being a huge fan of Paul McCartney, really wanted to do “Dear Prudence” since it has a very upfront bass line. The groove ties this song together.

We tend to embrace a post-grunge and alternative vibe with darker chords, lyrics and overall mood. This was a great, more uplighting song to which we could add our grungy touch because of its simple structure. Our goal was to breathe new life into it and give our listeners something a little different.

The single artwork is an homage to The Beatles’ self-titled white album. As for the video, we reference the documentary scene where the band plays in a big industrial room with little equipment. The cloudy weather you see outside of the windows will remind you of stereotypical London weather, but Montreal’s Jacques Cartier bridge paints the background as a shoutout to the city we come from

Stream “Dear PrudenceHERE. Watch the official “Dear Prudence” music video HERE.






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