Felix Tandem – Shoplifter

Felix Tandem - Shoplifter

Nashville, Tennessee-based alternative rock band Felix Tandem have released a new track today. Shoplifter is the first single in the row that announces an upcoming extended play named Okey Dokey, set for release this summer. You will immediately realize that Felix Tandem are not joking around. Shoplifter showcases a vast sea of ideas incorporated in a singular song and an equal amount of impressive sonic maneuvers included along the way. There’s a possibility you’ll miss some details during the first listening, which will force you to spin this track over again, but that’s always a good thing to do considering the quality of this song.

Felix Tandem
Photo by Anna Warner

Perhaps Shoplifter bursts with all the best qualities of hard and alternative rock, but there’s unquestionably more than meets the eye. Felix Tandem incorporates elements borrowed from garage rock, post-punk, punk rock, indie and other similar subgenres of rock. Still, this composition sounds compact enough, so you’ll probably notice its hard rock, garage rock and alternative qualities the most. The band thought about all the possible details while assembling this track, so each chord, riff, melody, bassline and beat sound well-organized from scratch to finish. It has everything you ever needed from rock track. Shoplifter is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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