Wesson - Understand

Wesson – Understand

Wesson - Understand

If you’re profoundly into the indie genre, you probably know how hard it is to stand out from the vast sea of repetitious bands who are desperately trying to mimic the eighties music scene. Luckily, there are bands that are trying to deliver fresh and unique songs that can gradually become timeless classics. One of those bands is definitely Wesson, a British indie rock band that recently released a debut single. Understand bursts with brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship from scratch to finish, but there is always more than meets the eye.

Photo by Nicholas O’Donnell

This is not another plain and simple indie rock song, but a profoundly detailed composition that resonates with many qualities borrowed from other music genres. Besides the sheer dominance of indie sound, you’ll stumble upon other sonic ingredients such as pop-rock, alternative rock, punk rock, Motown, rock’n’roll, and maybe a few other genres along the way. You may say that’s too many elements enclosed within one song, but wait until you hear it. Wesson cleverly assembled the entire track so the indie remains as a primary direction of the band, while other styles serve more as enhancements. Understand will be right up your alley if you’re looking out for excellent indie songs. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.






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