Jason Rueger And The Eyes – Infinite Wings

Jason Rueger And The Eyes - Infinite Wings

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter/alternative rock band Jason Rueger And The Eyes have recently released a new song. Infinite Wings is their third release this year, which comes right after Dowsing In The Desert EP and a single Fault Line. This particular composition serves as an appropriate continuation of the previous releases, but it also showcases some innovations in their already luxurious sound. Perhaps Infinite Wings bursts with a powerful blend of alternative and indie rock, but there’s more than meets the eye. Jason Rueger And The Eyes fully stacked this number with marvelous ideas and exceptional musicianship that will indulge even the pickiest fans of calmy, relaxing, soothing, nearly cathartic music.

Jason Rueger And The Eyes
Photo by Elle Bottrell

The band thoroughly planned and cleverly assembled each sonic maneuver, chord progression, melody, harmony, chant, and beat invested in this song. Besides vividly hearable explorations in alternative and indie waters, Jason Rueger And The Eyes explore dream pop, shoegaze, soft rock, psychedelic rock, and maybe even more genres along the way. Infinite Wings leave more than enough room for listeners to discover all the instrumentations that these experienced musicians invested in this track, so you’ll be surprised how detailed Infinite Wings truly is every time you decide to spin this song. The single is available on all streaming platforms.

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