Savak – Human Error / Human Delight LP (Geenger Records / Peculiar Works Music / Ernest Jennings Record Co.)

Savak - Human Error / Human Delight LP - Geenger Records / Peculiar Works Music / Ernest Jennings Record Co.

Savak have recently unleashed their highly anticipated full-length release, so I just wanted to give it a listen and then eventually decided to transform this listening session into an album review. As you probably know by now, Savak is an NYC-based post-punk band that consists of some well-known names in underground circles. If you paid closer attention to these pages before, you probably stumble upon some news posts and a couple of reviews I wrote about their previous full-length recordings, such as Beg Your Pardon and Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth. I was so impressed by these albums that I regularly check out their social media pages for some fresh news about upcoming releases. Then I stumbled upon Human Error / Human Delight, their latest full-length offering, released by Geenger Records, Peculiar Works Music, and Ernest Jennings Record Co.

At the beginning of my analysis, I have to mention how beautiful this release truly is. The graphic artist responsible for the looks and packaging has done outstanding work. For some unexplainable reason, the entire visual identity reminds me of something Nick Blinko of almighty Rudimentary Peni would do, but these illustrations come with some twist. The inlay hides a typed manifesto/essay on one and the handwritten lyrics on the other side. The black splatter on clear vinyl looks absolutely stunning, but there’s also a classic black variant if you consider yourself a vinyl purist. This packaging draws you to listen to Human Error / Human Delight, so the imagery serves its purpose.

Soundwise, Savak explore all the possible eras of the post-punk genre, but it seems that the late ’70s to late ’80s is probably their favorite period. This style appeals to these experienced musicians, but they don’t stop there. Quite the contrary, you’ll notice some elements of classic punk rock, art-punk, surf rock, indie rock, and power pop involved during the entire album. As usual, Savak handle all these ingredients like pros, and Human Error / Human Delight is a perfectly combined slab of harmonious, ear-appealing noises and beats. Each composition carries something special, and you may also notice some moments when the band incorporated synths/effects to create nearly a psychedelic listening experience. It’s mindblowing how many ideas these guys carry with themselves on each new release, and somehow this record leaves the impression of the best Savak recording so far. It’s energetic and melodic, danceable and perfect for chilling, aggressive and calmy, so Human Error / Human Delight is appropriate for any occasion.

Therefore, if cleverly assembled post-punk something you dearly love, give Human Error / Human Delight a listen. You will love it. The record is available for purchase at Geenger Records, Peculiar Works Music, and Ernest Jennings Record Co.

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