Prove You Wrong – So It Begins

Prove You Wrong - So It Begins

Yesterday you had a chance to check out Get Out Of My Head, the latest single by Arizona-based alternative rock band Prove You Wrong. You probably realized how their mixture of every possible subgenre of rock music works out in harmony from scratch to finish. This time, we’re diving even deeper into the beginnings of this outstanding band by analyzing their debut release. So It Begins is the first single this rock duo released. It serves as a sneak peek or, should I say, an overture of what you might expect from these guys. Still, this particular composition is far from the overture. Quite the contrary, it is a proper rock’n’roll banger from scratch to finish.

Unlike Get Out Of My Head, which contains elements of alternative rock, hard rock, stoner, and metal, So It Begins’ leans much more towards the hard rock and rock’n’roll sound. Prove You Wrong fully stacked everything you dearly love about rock music in three minutes of pure sonic artistry. From excellent riffs and heavy low-end tones to flawless drumming, this band paves its way to the top. If their debut single sounds like this, imagine what they’re capable of when they decide to unleash a full-length release. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon. So It Begins is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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