MetzgerButcher – Kultur CD EP

MetzgerButcher - Kultur CD EP

Today, we have another interesting German band on our pages. It’s been a while since I listened to and wrote something about electro-infused punk rock music. It’s not that the bands like these are a rarity nowadays, but they’re unquestionably well hidden beneath the piles and piles of regular punk rock groups. MezgerButcher were complete strangers to me until about a week ago when I received their latest release for review. As far as I managed to inform myself about their work via social media and their Bandcamp page, MetzgerButcher comes from Bonn, and it consists of two brothers. Since their formation in 2020, they released a debut single named Lockdown, a 2020 Präsentiert EP, and a double single Schillig Remixes. In 2021, they also released another EP called Kultur, about which I would like to talk a little bit more today.

As I said before, it’s been a long time since I heard something like this. MetzgerButcher almost solely rely upon electronic beats, synths, keys, ambiances, various enhancements, and other sonic delicacies. Still, there’s also a thick layer of instruments over the top, such as guitar and probably bass. The band nurtures a versatile sound based upon electronica, breakbeat, techno, darkwave, punk rock, alternative, and indie. However, punk rock and electronic music are the most dominant elements in this comprehensive collection of music genres. Judging by the overall ambiance, I think that MetzgerButcher recorded these songs in a home studio, but the sound is satisfying, and you’ll hear each singing part, riff, and beat delivered by these two musicians.

A couple of tweaks here and there by a professional sound engineer would probably do wonders to the sound of these songs, but as I said before, that doesn’t spoil the fun at all. These compositions sound good on their own, and you’ll solely enjoy these tunes if you’re into electro-punk sound. After all, if this material truly was recorded at the home studio, MetzgerButcher did an excellent job by themselves. The band paid a lot of attention to song structures, arrangements, accentuations, layers of sounds, riffs, and ambiances, so the guys have a lot of things to showcase during these five songs. I am not sure about the lyrics since I am not speaking the German language, but I can only say that singing in German over these tunes sounds superb. Here you go, give this electro-punk release a listen. MetzgerButcher has a lot of things to say, and their music sounds neat.

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